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Our law firm provides legal services, particularly in the areas of commercial law, civil law (property law, law of obligation, family law, inheritance law, intellectual property law and personality protection law), labour law and administrative law. If needed, we will represent your interests as the aggrieved party also in the area of criminal law.

For some clients/business companies we provide complex legal services in all areas of law.

The Main Areas of Practise

Business and Corporate Law
We offer our clients a comprehensive corporate service including company and co-operative formation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, consolidation and winding – up, working with businesses in all industries throughout every stage of their life cycle.

Civil Law and Dispute Resolution
We offer our clients representation and advice in all forms of dispute resolution and court proceedings and specialise in drafting all types of civil law.

Family Law
We will prepare a proposal for divorce, custody of the child to education, increase / decrease of alimony or proposal for the settlement of joint property ownership of spouses. Our Law Office will provide qualified representation in these and other proceedings before the court and beyond.

Employment Law
Our attorneys possess experience of providing complex legal advice in the area of employment law, including drafting of employment contracts, management and others employment issues related agreements, notices and internal regulations.

Administrative Law
We represent our clients in all areas of administrative law in proceedings before state and administrative bodies.